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Man gets dragged on Twitter for not knowing singer Shazia Manzoor

02 Dec, 2021
Shazia Manzoor is a Punjabi singer with multiple hit songs. Screenshot
Shazia Manzoor is a Punjabi singer with multiple hit songs. Screenshot

Twitter user Asad Uncle got schooled by Pakistani Twitterati on Tuesday for not knowing who Shazia Manzoor was, after he posted a video of the singer, singing a song while standing besides a red Lamborghini.

“Imagine you’re tryna do your rukhsati but you get outside & see some auntie doing this at your car,” he wrote.


Not knowing what his tweet would lead to, Asad Uncle responded, “LMAOOO ok lowkey don’t know who that is but STILL just …imagine.”

What came next was a storm of tweets telling Asad Uncle exactly who Shazia Manzoor is.

Some users even wanted to take back the right to vote from overseas Pakistanis because of this.

One user called this “typical diaspora behaviour.”

On the other hand, Asad Uncle was praised by many for being a “good sport” about the whole ordeal.

“9 years on this app relatively mess free and I’m aboutta get canceled for not knowing about Shazia Mansoor,” Asad Uncle tweeted.

Asad Uncle apologised and said, “to make it up for it, I’ll be making myself and my wife (who was also disappointed in me) listen to her music on repeat. I’ll get back to y’all when I know her songs by heart.”

Besides the sheer disappointment in the Pakistani diaspora, something good did come out of the entire situation. Shazia Manzoor became one of the top trends on Twitter.

People who didn’t know the legendary singer would now be listening to her music.

So did you know who Shazia Manzoor is or did Twitter just tell you that?