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Reham Khan to pay Zulfi Bukhari £50,000 after losing defamation case

15 اکتوبر 2021
Reham Khan has issued an unconditional apology to S Zulfi Bukhari. Reddit photo
Reham Khan has issued an unconditional apology to S Zulfi Bukhari. Reddit photo

The former special assistant to the prime minister, S Zulfi Bukhari has won his defamation case against Reham Khan in a London court, according to a report by Geo.

Imran Khan's former wife has to issue an unconditional apology in Urdu and English and pay £50,000 in damages and Bukhari's legal costs.

Reham agreed to withdraw all allegations and apologised for broadcasting a defamatory video on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. She regrets re-tweeting three tweets carrying defamatory allegations.

As reported by Geo's UK correspondent Murtaza Shah who said he saw the court papers, Reham agreed to "apologise and pay damages ahead of a full defamation trial in the case, following a determination at the same court in June this year when a judge found that the words uttered by her against Bukhari comprised chase level-1 defamation — the highest form of defamation which could be proven through facts only."

She has to pin her apology to her Twitter account for three consecutive days. The tweet below also includes a link to her YouTube video in which she reads the same apology on video in English and Urdu.

Bukhari sued the former broadcaster at the London High Court after she had published a video on her YouTube channel, Facebook, and Twitter on December 6 and 7, 2019, where she said he was involved in a "corrupt plan with the prime minister to sell or acquire the Roosevelt Hotel in New York at lesser value for his benefit."

As Shah said in his story, Bukhari won the first round in the defamation case against Reham at the Royal Court of Justice at a trial of preliminary issues on 30 June 2021.

Following the news of Bukhari's win, social media users turned to Twitter to slam Reham and called her a liar. Many tweets contained foul language which we could not reproduce.

Someone thought the timing of her posting the tweet was noteworthy.

While others thought Imran Khan's supporters deserved an apology as well.

Many took delight in a sense of justice having prevailed.