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World community should strengthen Taliban govt: PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan addresses the 76th UN General Assembly session
Published 25 Sep, 2021 11:54am
Keeping in mind the promises Taliban had made, if world community incentivises them, there would be a win-win situation, said the premier. APP
Keeping in mind the promises Taliban had made, if world community incentivises them, there would be a win-win situation, said the premier. APP

The world community should strengthen the current Afghan government for the sake of the country's vulnerable residents, said Prime Minister Imran Khan in his virtual address at the 76th United Nations General Assembly session on Saturday.

"Keeping in mind the promises Taliban had made, if world community incentivise them, there would be a win-win situation," said the premier.

According to the United Nations report, half of the population of Afghanistan is vulnerable and by the next year almost 90 per cent people will fall below the poverty line, Khan said.

He added that if the world neglects the current government now, it will lead to serious repercussions, including humanitarian crisis, destabilisation and the country will again become safe place of international terrorists.

He also said Pakistan has been blamed for situation in Afghanistan. However, the countries most affected by the war suffered the most as sectarian militants groups emerged in the country which never existed before.

"The only reason we suffered more because we became ally of the US in war against Afghanistan," said the prime minister, reiterating his stance that Pakistan was right that Afghanistan had no military solution.

Indian Occupied Kashmir issue

Talking about the issue of Indian Occupied Kashmir, the prime minister in his address noted that New Delhi embarked on a unilateral final solution of the disputed twerritory on August 15, 2019.

"To enforce its unilateral move in the region, India jailed senior Kashmiri leadership, imposed a clampdown against Muslims, extrajudicial killings of hundreds of Kashmiris, initiated violent suppression on peaceful demonstrations of Kashmiris and imposed collective punishments," he said.

The premier further added that these tactics were accompanied by illegal efforts to change the demographics of the region and transform the region from Muslim majority into Muslim minority.

He also noted that these actions violate international human rights laws.

Khan also demanded the UN General Assembly that the deceased Syed Gillani's mortal remains be buried in the symmetry of martyrs with appropriate Islamic rights as they had been forcible snatched by the Indian forces.

Talking about a move forward regarding the Kashmir issue and initiate a dialogue with Pakistan, the prime minister noted that India needed to reverse unilateral and illegal measures in the Occupied Kashmir, stop repression and violence against innocent Kashmiris and halt demographic changes in the region.

These measures should be adopted to prevent another conflict between Pakistan and India, he added.


Islamophobia is another penacious phenomena that the world needed to collectively combat, said the prime minister.

He noted that in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, terrorism has been associated with Islam by some quarters of the world. "This has increased the tendency of right wing, xenophobic, violent nationalists and extremist terrorist groups to target Muslims."

Khan added the UN global counter terrorism strategy has recognised these emerging threats and he hoped the secretary general's report will focus on these new threats of terrorism and convene a global dialogue on countering Islamophobia.

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