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Shamima Begum, who made global headlines when she was stripped of her British citizenship for joining ISIS in Syria in 2015, apologized to the UK public in her first live interview on Thursday for ITV.

Speaking from a Syrian camp where she is being detained as she cannot return to the UK, the now 22-year-old said she was sorry for joining ISIS and that she would rather die than go back to them.

Although she said she was duped and groomed by the terrorist organizing she added "there is no justification for killing people in the name of God. I apologise. I’m sorry”.

Begum, who was born to Bangladeshi parents in the UK, left with two other schoolgirls at the age of 15 to join ISIS in Syria in 2015. She told ITV she did this thinking it was "the right thing to do as a Muslim." She said she did not know then that ISIS was a "death cult."

In 2019, the UK revoked Begum's citizenship and the country's top court also turned down her appeal challenging the decision. She has been at the Syrian camp trying to return home to her family.

She appealed to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to let her return home and stand trial and also offered to help him fight terrorism.

"You are clearly struggling with extremism and terrorism in the country. I want to help with that, telling my own experience with these extremists, what they say and how they persuade people to do what they do," she said.

Former UK home secretary Sajid Javid who made the decision to revoke her decision, stands by his decision.

"When I saw what I did and the information I received from my advisors and our intelligence agencies, end the end it was a very clear cut decision." he told ITV after Begum's interview aired.

Response to her interview on social media focused on her apperance for the interview in which she was dressed in a sleeveless vest, a far cry from the niqaab most UK viewers had seen images of her in.

There's still a lot of anger toward the young woman so many years later.

But they were also those who said she should be allowed to return home to face charges.

And others said that it was important to show compassion for those who were brainwashed.