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Afghans gather to protest in Kabul; anti-Pakistan slogans heard

07 Sep, 2021
Afghans are taking to the streets in Kabul. Image from @Frontalforce Twitter
Afghans are taking to the streets in Kabul. Image from @Frontalforce Twitter

Journalists in Kabul shared videos of a protest reportedly outside the Pakistan embassy in Kabul, chanting slogans against the Taliban and Pakistan's support for the group.

BBC's Secunder Kermani shared a tweet around Monday from the scene of the protest.

Moby media group head Saad Mohseni also shared a video saying the protests were anti-Pakistan.

Aditya Raj Kaul also shared a video, from Aamaj News, which is covering the protest.

Aamaj News is sharing videos of men and women chanting slogans against the Taliban and also against Pakistan.

In many of the videos, Taliban fighters can be seen present at the protests. At the time of writing there were reports on Twitter of the Taliban fighters in Kabul trying to peacefully disperse the protests.

However, a journalist tweeted that Taliban had arrested journalists covering the protests.

Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad posted a video from Monday night of women protestors in Kabul also chanting slogans against Pakistan.

Protests have taken place in Kabul since the Taliban took over but Monday's news seems to show a growing number of people taking to the streets.

Social media is filled with videos of Afghan women taking to the streets to defend their freedoms.

Today's protests are echoing with slogans from people demanding an independent government.

The Taliban is set to announce a government this week and promises it to be inclusive.