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Pakistan to ask Afghanistan to take action against TTP

Updated 21 Aug, 2021
The Taliban has taken control of Afghanistan. Reuters
The Taliban has taken control of Afghanistan. Reuters

Pakistan plans to ask the new government in Afghanistan to take action against the banned Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan.

This was said by Foreign Office spokesman Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri at the weekly media briefing on Friday.

“Pakistan has been taking up the issue of use of Afghan soil by the TTP for terrorist activities inside Pakistan with the previous Afghan government and would continue raising the issue with the coming government in Kabul as well," he said.

He acknowledged seeing reports about the release of TTP leaders from Afghanistan like Mullah Faqir Mohammad but said Pakistan does not support any "proscribed groups or individuals" involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan.

On its part the Taliban have said they will not allow the use of Afghanistan's soil for terrorist activity. Many analysts believe that because they want international recognition, and may try to live up to that promise.

However, many jihadist organizations see the Taliban's ascent to power again as a sign of victory against the imperial powers.

There are fears that Islamic State also known as Daesh, which is said to have prescence in Afghanistan, may use the opportunity to get hardline Taliban members to defect to them.

TTP to pose threats?

Although TTP is not part of the Afghan group, it pledged allegiance to them when they took power.

According to a Reuters story on August 19, TTP said 780 of its members were freed from prisons and made their way to eastern Afghanistan, an area the outlawed group calls its stronghold.

Reuters was unable to get a comment from the Taliban in Kabul on this issue but social media users shared videos of Maulvi Faqir Mohammed thanking the Afghan Taliban for his release. In the video in Pashto he also called on all mujahideen to unite.

Aaj Digital is sharing the tweet featuring the video but cannot independently vertify the authencity of its content.

TTP claimed responsibility for the grisly attack on APS students in Peshawar in 2014 in which 140 children were killed. They said it was done as retribution for government attacks on its members.