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5 killed as people throng Kabul airport in desperate bid to flee

Updated 16 Aug, 2021
The Taliban took control of Kabul airport on Sunday. Reuters
The Taliban took control of Kabul airport on Sunday. Reuters

Five people have been killed at Kabul airport in a gunfire as thousands thronged to the airport looking for evacuation flights, reported the Wall Street Journal on Monday morning.

Journalist Ahmer Khan had been posting videos of scenes at Kabul airport since Monday of desperate looking people trying to climb aboard passenger stairs.

His most recent update followed the news of the gunfire at the tarmac.

The US military was using the military side of Kabul airport on Sunday to evacauate embassy staff as well as foreign diplomats and citizens. It took over the civilian part of the airport which began to fill with Afghans looking to flee the country as the Taliban took over the capital. They urged people to remain calm and not make attempts to flee.

According to the WSJ, US marines fired warning shots on Sunday night to disperse the crowds.

All civilian flights have been cancelled so the only way out is to get on these evacuation flights.

The paper also reported "Hundreds of Afghan civilians were seen close to the runway and around parked planes on Monday morning, with some hanging from boarding ramps as they scrambled to get into the aircraft."

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