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Zahir Jaffer's families condemn Noor's murder

اپ ڈیٹ 28 جولائ 2021
The 27-year-old Noor Mukaddam was killed on July 20 in Islamabad. File photo
The 27-year-old Noor Mukaddam was killed on July 20 in Islamabad. File photo

In two strongly worded statements, the paternal and maternal extended families of Zahir Jaffer have condemned Noor Mukaddam's murder. They also extended their condolences to Noor's family.

Zahir Jaffer is accused of brutally murdering and beheading Noor Mukaddam on July 20. He is currently in police custody and charged with her murder.

Zahir's father's family, the Jaffers, released a statement on Tuesday night offering their condolences to Noor's family. "Our shock and grief at this horrific act has led to a prolonged silence that we very much regret. However, we categorically condemn this atrocity and forever denounce Zahir and his actions."

Zahir's mother's family, the Adamjees also released a statement Tuesday night, saying "this monstrous act has profoundly shocked us. "We cannot begin to fathom the pain," it said.

It continued: "We have not and will not support Zahir Jaffer in any form. We whole-heartedly and unequivocally support the law of the land taking its course. Justice for Noor must and will be served."

The Adamjee family statement also included prayers for Amjad who was a first responder at the scene who was attacked.

Both families are prominent business leaders in the country. Their statements have been widely shared on social media and been met with appreciation for their stance.