Aaj TV

Pakistan has denied Afghanistan Vice President's claims that the Pakistan Air Force was providing air support to the Taliban.

The Foreign Office was responding to tweets by Amrullah Saleh on Friday in which he claimed Pakistan Air Force was threatening Afghan forces against dislodging Taliban fighters in Spin Boldak.

Pakistan's Foreign Office released a statement to deny the charges.

“The Afghan side conveyed to Pakistan its intention of carrying out air operation inside its territory opposite Chaman Sector of Pakistan,” the statement read. “Pakistan responded positively to Afghan Government’s right to act in its territory... However, as alleged by the Afghan Vice President, Pakistan Air Force never communicated anything to the Afghan Air Force.”

Taliban militants have been making inroads across Afghanistan since the US announced the date of withdrawal of their troops. On Wednesday the Taliban captured the town of Wesh near the Spin Boldak border crossing.

The crossing in the Spin Boldak is the second busiest entry point and main commercial artery with Pakistan's seaports.

The Foreign Office said it is committed to finding a peaceful solution to Afghanistan.