Aaj TV

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said he was disappointed to hear claims about Pakistan's negative role in Afghanistan's peace process, saying the allegation was unfair.

Khan was speaking at the "Central and South Asia Regional Connectivity: Challenges and Opportunities" during his two-day visit to Uzbekistan. Afghanistan's president was also present and Khan addressed him directly.

He told him Pakistan will be most impacted by the troubles in Afghanistan, saying the last thing Pakistan needed was "more conflict."

He said Pakistan's country was finally on the road to recovery so "the last thing we want is turbulence in Afghanistan."

He said it was "extremely unfair" to blame Pakistan when it had done everything to bring Taliban to the negotiation table, short of taking military action against them.

He also asked why would the Taliban listen to Pakistan when they knew the US troops were leaving?

He said that Afghanistan's current predicament was a result of over two decades of conflict and the US choosing a military option.