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Nadia Jamil’s heartfelt Instagram post inspires hope

09 جولائ 2021
Through her Instagram, Nadia Jamil shared her struggles of surviving breast cancer. Instagram
Through her Instagram, Nadia Jamil shared her struggles of surviving breast cancer. Instagram

Nadia Jamil, a television host and actress turned to Instagram earlier this week to share her struggles of surviving breast cancer.

Amidst all the chaos and havoc caused by Covid-19, she told her followers what it means to be hopeful. Her inspiring journey came to an end on 22nd June, 2021 when she announced with a heartfelt message on her Instagram that she is officially cancer free.

“I have in my journey to wellness learned the hard way to shed those who make me feel irrelevant and embrace those who show kindness and respect”, she said. She further talked about depending on herself and taking each step of the way courageously, breath by breath.

“When I try to walk now, I see the pity in people’s eyes. Especially people who recognize me. They remember this energetic woman, able bodied, full of energy & bounce, with thick, long, glamorous hair. They can't register this slow, shuffling, broken bodied, short haired woman as their Nado.”

“But this is me. This is your Nado”, she wrote on Instagram.

She considered herself a survivor and a warrior. Through her struggles, she found a new sense of life, one that goes beyond looks, work and everyday routines. For her, not looking like her old self and accepting the ‘slower’ and physically weaker version of herself is a symbol of growth and gratefulness. Now people would be able to see beneath her looks, she added.

“So when you see this slow, shuffling, curly short haired version of Nado, see beyond her body, because now, I have the mind, the heart and the will of a Cheeti, a Lion, a super nova, the miraculous resilience of a tiny atom, the will of an army of ants.”

But even a lioness can breakdown when not shown kindness and humility. Earlier this week, in a series of tweets, Jamil shared her traumatic experience with British Airways, wherein she was left to fend for herself because of a flight delay, that left her helpless and in tears.

According to Jamil, her situation had worsened enough to call for an emergency assistance if her aunt had not been there to help. As she herself mentioned, when an advocate of strength and positivity is treated this way, one cannot help but question the level of kindness humanity is on.