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ISLAMABAD: Chairperson Pakistan People Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhotto Zardari has claimed that both the budget and budget session in National Assembly were illegal and that the budget was a 'lie'.

Speaking during the session of National Assembly Bilawal said, "Do not use the reference of the State of Madina for this illegitimate and incompetent government," it seems the government is playing the role of the Opposition instead of running the country, Bilawal added.

Bilawal said the masses are aware of the fact that “claims of 4% growth are based on lies.”

Bilawal said that ever since the government has taken over, no new National Finance Commission (NFC) award has been given to provinces.

"Until the NFC award is given, every budget would be unconstitutional, Whenever we talk about the 18th Amendment and NFC."

Referring to jailed parliamentarians, the PPP chairperson said every member of the House has the right to attend the budget session, but production orders are not being issued.

"Khursheed Shah, Khawaja Asif and Ali Wazir are not being allowed to attend. The people of their constituency are not being represented," he said.

Regarding inflation, Bilawal said that the PTI government has made the lives of the people miserable and put them in a destitute condition.

"The government has pushed the people below the poverty line and they will never forgive it," he said.