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Inspector General (IG) Punjab Inam Ghani Sunday took notice of Johnny and Jugnu incident and suspended Superintendent House Officer (SHO) Defence C Lahore and staff.

The news was shared over Twitter by the official handle of Punjab Police. In a tweet, the provincial authority said:

"IG Punjab Inam Ghani has taken notice of the Johnny and Jugnu restaurant incident and have suspended the SHO Defence C and the staff of the police station involved."

"No one is allowed to take law into his own hands. Injustice will not be tolerated. All of them will be punished," the tweet added.

Source: Twitter

A local fast food outlet by the name of Johnny and Jugnu on Saturday took to Instagram to share that their kitchen staff was taken into police custody at the orders of SHO.

Source: Instagram

"Two days prior to this a few police officers came to our Phase 6, DHA outlet to get food, and upon rejecting their request for free burgers...the police threatened our managers and left, only to return the next day to further harass and pressurize our team," the fast-food chain said in their post, adding, "on 11th June, some police officers came to our outlet and took our manager and crew into custody."