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BR100 4,668 Increased By ▲ 50 (1.09%)
BR30 20,892 Increased By ▲ 107 (0.52%)
KSE100 44,822 Increased By ▲ 488 (1.1%)
KSE30 17,521 Increased By ▲ 178 (1.03%)
CASES 1,264,384 720
DEATHS 28,269 17
Sindh 465,486 Cases
Punjab 437,793 Cases
Balochistan 33,120 Cases
Islamabad 106,445 Cases
KP 176,774 Cases
  • PPP chairman said the next Prime Minister will be a Jiyala
  • He said in this government inflation is at the highest and historical level and is more than even in war-torn Afghanistan
  • He declared PPP will not rejoin the PDM

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Saturday said inflation is at the highest and historical level and is more than even war-torn Afghanistan. Under this government, employment is also at the historic level and poverty is more than ever before, this is the real face of Imran Khan’s 'change', he added.

Source: PPP/Twitter

While speaking at a media briefing in Mardan, the PPP leader said his party has no plans to re-join Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). However, the entire opposition is on one page in the parliament, he added.

Bilawal said "without PPP and ANP the PDM is neither an all Pakistan movement nor a democratic one". He said that the PPP never requested to rejoin the PDM and does not wish to do so. The opposition alliance had been campaigning for resignation from assemblies for the past year yet they have not submitted them. Now, they are towing on the PPP stance and policy, so they should join the PPP.

"We refuse to learn from others how anti-democratic forces should be fought with and won against. Only PPP knows how to fight democratically. Everyone knows that the PPP will form the next government and the next prime minister will be a Jiyala," the PPP leader added.

Source: Twitter/ PPP