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Pakistan has seen the number of coronavirus cases dip in a recent couple of weeks, but still, a significant number of active cases are present in the country. At least, 29,981 active cases are present currently.

But it should be noted that this figure doesn't include potentially thousands of asymptomatic Covid-19 patients who didn't get tested. These numbers reflect only those patients who were either symptomatic and were advised by their physician to get tested or other asymptomatic patients who had the resources to get a PCR test for Covid. Health experts believe that the actual coronavirus figures in Pakistan are much higher than the ones reported due to a multitude of reasons.

  • In the last 24 hours, as per the Covid statistics provided by the federal government, 1,270 new cases and 33 new deaths were reported in Pakistan. The positivity rate remained 3.5%.

Total cases and coronavirus-related deaths have reached 560,363 and 12,218 respectively in the country.

In Pakistan, out of the 530,382 cases who have had an outcome 98% (518,164) recovered fully and most of these had mild symptoms. The remaining 2% (12,218) unfortunately succumbed to the deadly disease.