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BR100 4,668 Increased By ▲ 50 (1.09%)
BR30 20,892 Increased By ▲ 107 (0.52%)
KSE100 44,822 Increased By ▲ 488 (1.1%)
KSE30 17,521 Increased By ▲ 178 (1.03%)
CASES 1,264,384 720
DEATHS 28,269 17
Sindh 465,486 Cases
Punjab 437,793 Cases
Balochistan 33,120 Cases
Islamabad 106,445 Cases
KP 176,774 Cases

Inflation continued going up, the Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI)-based weekly inflation for the combined income group amplified 0.52 percent during the week ended on January 28.

Out of the 51 examined items, the average price of 18 items increased, 9 items reduced whereas prices 24 items remained constant during the week.

According to the data issued by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) on Friday, the SPI rise is mainly attributable to a upsurge in prices of food items i.e. chicken (14.81 per cent), chili powder (9.40 per cent), cooking oil (4.11 per cent), vegetable ghee (3.83 per cent), and mustard oil (1.38 per cent). Among non-food items, washing soap (2.15 per cent) with joint impact of (1.07 per cent) into the overall SPI for combined group of (0.52 per cent).

On the other hand, a decline was witnessed in the rates of tomatoes (29.82 per cent), eggs (8.20 per cent), potatoes (3.37per cent), onions (2.28 per cent), LPG (1.73 per cent), sugar (1.54 per cent), pulse moong (0.68 per cent), bananas (0.32 per cent) and wheat flour (0.07 per cent).